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Hello :)

Hi! My friends call me Batty-chan or Envy. I'll be 18 at the end of the next month. I live in a small country in the middle of Europe, Slovakia - ever heard of it? So then... things I like? Let's see: reading books and manga, watching anime, writing/reading fanfics, drawing, playing with my dog Dasha, listening to music, cosplaying, taking pictures and stuff like that. And why yes, I am addicted to anime. In fact I love everything that's Japan - it's my "little" obssesion. :)  Mom's waiting already 10 years for me to grow up from it (lol) but the only things I grew up from is Dragon Balls Z (my first anime I watched when I was about 4 or 5) and Pokemon (it seems I get bored of things that are too popular - like Naruto right now). I'm a huge fan of Hellsing, FullMetal Alchemist and Junjou Romantica. I wish to make my own mangas one day and sell them all over the world. But for now I'm just a lazy student studying fashion dezign in an art school (so boring but useful when sewing a costume for a cosplay). Most of the time no matter what I do I need some background noise - and so all the love to the people that made music the way it is. I love listening to music - my favourite artists and bands are Marilyn Manson, The Rasmus, Mindless Self Indelgence, AC/DC, Jeffree Star and a lots of more but these are my biggest loves. I enjoy watching vampire films but the sparkling wannabes are not vampires so I am against Twilight. And if anyone was wondering what my journals about... well I write some pieces of my life, and I publish my fanfic here, too. Sometimes i mention what I drew, what I saw, what I think, what pissed me off or who I bit (oftet literaly) and stuff like that.

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