rin_666 (rin_666) wrote in add_me,

hello there

*peers through computer screen* hi peeps

This is where I say something really witty and funny to catch everyone's attention but as I've been dosed up on caffeine all day my brain's somewhat addled and not functioning too good. Soooooooooo if you could all pretend I said something along those lines we'll get right along to the nitty gritty stuff shall we?

My name's Rin, I live in Cambridge in England and I'm a Kung Fu teacher. Oddly enough I've never done kung fu in my life until I moved here and now I'm teaching children loads of different martial arts, ah well life is nothing but random.

I'm interested in reading, dancing, creative thingies (not specific because my creative urges come and go like the wind)...those are my main ones but I have random ones to that pop up every now and then. I love reading webcomics like somethingpositive and devils panties for instance.

If you feel like we'll get along splendidly then drop me a line and we'll see how things go from there. I'm not gonna put a load of restrictions down apart from if you don't like what you read and can do nothing other than hurl abuse I'll delete you. I do not like TEH DRAMA!!!! Intelligent arguments however are more than welcome...not that my journal's ever that intellectual but you never know.

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