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So i'm relatively new to LJ; I mean i've lurked for years but i've only had a LJ for about a month
SO yes, i've written tons of things, litle random things about the day and even some serious poetry
and i was wondering if i could meet some people who'd be willing to look over my stuff, tell me if they like it, and maybe chat it up for a bit
Basically, I just want some friends :D
So if you're interested Add Me!

I just realized I put nothing up about me, how silly
I'm 16 and going to be junior next year
I have a passion for singing, and music in general really
I love poetry, both writing and performing it
I'm a bit of a drama queen sometimes, but mostly i'm level headed, at least i act that way online
I do have depression, and I will admit that it is something i'm struggling with, so if that bothers you, please don't friend me
I'm pretty liberal on just about everything, and i'm in that bi-curious phase of my life (right now i'm on the 'holy crap, I like girls' phase)
so yeah, I like listening to music, making music, talking about music, i basically live through music
So if any of this sounds interesting to you, add me please :)

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