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♥ About The Girl ♥
My name is Ashleigh Elizabeth. I'm 20 years young, and took my first breath of this toxic world on January 25th, 1989. I was born & raised in good ol' Chicago Illinois. I've been crazy in love with a man named Damen since June 3rd, 2006 Im the manager & creative coordinator of a daycare inside a womens health club. Its shitty hours & shitty pay, but seeing those amazing kids everyday more then makes up for it. I'm a mutt- irish, german, cherokee indian, hispanic, sweedish, & scottish. I'm way too compassionate for my own good, but don't take me for a fool. I'll say what's on my mind, & I won't sugar coat it. I have 34 pets, and my house is probably cleaner then yours. I have 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 parotlet, 1 bearded dragon, 29 different morphs of ball pythons, & 1 dummeral boa constrictor. Don't judge me, I'll never fail to proove you wrong. I live with my mom who is really my grandma. My birth mother had me at 15, and was murdered at 17. I was 2. I grew up with just me & my grandma (who I call mom). I grew up thinking I had no dad, and very recently found him. I am soon going to be meeting my little sister, dad, & all the crazy relatives that go with it. On may 15th, 2008 I started a random project I like to call "mission lb" which was to loose 100 pounds in one year. In april 2009, 1 month early I reached my goal. I have now lost 150 pounds, and still have a lot farther to go. Anything else you want to know? Ask! Basicaly, im unique -- just like everyone else.

♥ About The Beliefs ♥
Since this seems so important to some people, I figured id cover the bases here. If you have a problem with any of this; you can click the 'back' button now. I am not republican, or democrat. I have mixed beliefs and I don't feel as if I fit in either category, so I suppose im independent. I fully support OBAMA. I am 100% PRO LIFE, and yes, I believe abortion is murder. I am 100% PRO GAY MARRAIGE, who the hell are we to judge someone for who they love? Leave the judging to God. Why, YES, I am religous. I am a baptist/christian, HOWEVER I will not shove my beliefs down your throat and I'd appreciate it if you would do the same.

♥ About The Journal ♥
My journal always has been, and always will be friends only. I like to think of my journal as my heart & In order to see it, you must have a key. If you read all of this & still WANT to friend me, comment my friends only post!! I only have 3 requirements; 1. That you only add me if you intend on being FRIENDS. (Comments once in a while are nice) 2. You update at least three times a week. 3. Your 18+, I don't care to read about pety high school drama. Sorry. If we have any mutual friends or communities, that's a plus. As for what my journal holds? I write about day to day, today I dids, rants, raves, advice, complaints, love life, friends, family, my dad seach, my weight loss, goals, & dreams. Basicaly whatever I FEEL like writing. If that's a problem, then don't add me.


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Mmmmkay. So if you'd like to add, comment my F.O post.

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