Jekka (j_e_k_k_a) wrote in add_me,

Been on LJ a few years and it seems my active friends list has depleted.

-I'm 22 years old
-I live with my boyfriend of 3 years
-I'm a broke college student
-I'm on track to getting my life together
-I'm a bookworm
-I also tend to read a lot of "fangirl books"
-I'm a gamer
-I'm a writer
-I love messing around with graphics
-I'm a diabetic
-I have no children (not for another 5+ years anyways)
-I cuss like a salior

I hate writing whiney entries, I like happy entries but I'm not gonna shy away from truth in my journal nor in anyone elses journal. I have taken several LJ breaks but I am back and I update several times a week. I also check my flist probably more than I update my own journal lol.


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