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Friends please?! =]

Hiiiii guys and girls :)

I'm Louisa, I'm 18 and I come from London (pronounced as Laaaaaandaaaaaaan :p) the great capital city of the UK, however I only reside there during the holidays, during term time I'm in Reading, studying History at Reading Uni. 

Its the little things in life that make me happy, therefore I don't have a preferred type of music taste or genre of films or books, I read, watch and listen to anything and everything that I can get my little (and believe me they are tiny) hands on, because I love it all.

 If you're into pictures then this is moi with one of my best friend Cordes;


(I'm known as babyface, the cute one and hamster to my friends all due to the chubbiness of my cheeks Ha! )

I love my livejournal like mathematicians like their milk, aka A LOT.  I update practically every day, mainly because I am sad and have no life and also because I just love to write....however who knows whether my journal will be to your taste?
In case you were wondering, I tend to write about the parties/clubs I frequent because being an 18 year old university student means that partying is something that I adore, as well as talking about this male creature thing that I happen to be in love with (who I am kidding he's basically all I talk about, so if you're not a romantic and hate everything to do with it, don't add me), the stupid things I say and do also make a frequent appearance unfortunatley for me, as well as the arguements I find myself in, past memories, my hopes for the future and the general bad luck that plagues me.

I comment of course, but only when I have something constructive to say, rather than just commenting for the sake of commenting.

 Thus, will you add me please? I don't bite (or even bark for that matter) and I really needmy daily fill of other peoples lives to help me in my many times of procrastination :P besides, according to sources I am a nice girl..... :) <3

Oh and if you don't add me I will look like this;

And you really don't want that do you? :)



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