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OK, here goes nothing.

I'm Gemma, a 21 year old LJ-returner, I used to write in this thing obsessively every single day, until suddenly my life took a turn in a different direction which didn't include LJ. Anywho, suddenly got this urge to write here again, so, made a shiney new profile and am back! Thing is, lots of LJers who I used to be friends with are no longer around, it seems that this thing isn't as fashionable as it once was :-S We'll show 'em though eh? :-P

So, a bit more about me.

*I'm a student studying Veterinary Pathogenesis at the University of Bristol (and as a result, I live here). It's a labour of love in a twisted sort of way...! When not there, I am often in my home town of Basingstoke working at the place I spent my gap year, F.Hinds the jewellers.
*I have a boyfriend who I've been with for four years <3 Living with for one year.
*I adore animals- I have more pets than I can shake a stick at, and well, my degree is ultimately to allow me to work alongside animals... I reckon life's boring without them.
*I am absolutely OBSESSED with METALLICA!! Like, uberly, ridiculously obsessed. I love lots of different music, but they just literally rock my whole world. I've been a superfan for just over four years, which in Metallica terms isn't a hugely large amount of time, but trust me, a LOT has been crammed into those four years!!! \m/ 
*I love being with friends and family! Cliche I know, but I am usually getting up to something with them- either hitting the town with my uni friends, pratting about with my old work buddies, planning/going to Metallica gigs/festivals/general metal gigs with my brother e.t.c...

So, about my journal. Well as I explained, this is a new profile I have here, so there's not much there at the moment. HOWEVER, now is possibly the best time to start riding the metalli_g wave, because my first (and currently only) journal update is sort of a 'reintroduction' for the friends I had before, updating them about what the hell I've been up to over the years and where I am now in my life- so, it'll be like starting the journey with me from scratch. No randomly joining in the middle of an LJers life, this is right from the beginning stuff. Easy as pie to follow as a result. 
I'm quite an open person, so I'm all about the honesty- no "yay my life is brill!!!111!!!11!1!!" if really I'm feeling like crap. And visa versa- no one wants someone to be constantly moaning about nothing (although, I do love a good complain!). The point is, I want this journal to be a bit of an unknown to the people actually in my life, I want to be able to speak about things that are on my mind without fear that x will run off and tell y what I've written e.t.c, so this allows me to be honest and actually feel I can say how I feel- bonus for the reader- however I want to have people to "talk to"... almost like friendly external parties to the situations I may find myself in, good or bad, who are either just there to listen/read or maybe provide me with some advice e.t.c.
As you may well be able to tell, I am a bit of a waffler. I use far to many smiley faces :-D. And I am not claiming that my life is some whoa amazing rollercoaster that'll have you longing for the next entry everytime... but it's mine, and I don't think I'm leading the most boring life in the world! :-P I have promised myself that unlike my old journal, this one will not fizzle away into nothing- I've missed having a journal, and outlet, so consider me an active presence on your friends page. I love reading other people's journals (who doesn't?) and if I feel like I can contribute something, I'll happily comment. I may also occassionally have a bit of a photo spam, either if I feel I'm looking particularly nice one day, or I've photographed something interesting, or if one of my numerous pets has done something ridiculously cute.

So, everyday goings on, love, arguements, events, metallica, sex, good times, bad times, typical student worries, joys and irritations with a bit of complaining thrown in- who fancies it?? :-D


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