x (sinner_appeal) wrote in add_me,

if you see her, say hello

I'm not going to lie or make any promises. (I'd be a horrible politician)  I might update every day and then go on like a month hiatus.  I don't comment every single entry, you just have to trust that I'm reading.  I'm not all together, but I'm not batshit crazy either.  Just a little Pisces, that's all ;) 

I'm trying to stick to positivity.  Keeping up with my PMA :)  I sometimes I have a dry / cynical sense of humor though, but it's all in good fun. 

I see this in a lot of Add Me posts, so I'm going to address it here and now.  I'm 18 and I...do in fact act like it.  I also act like I'm 5, sometimes 30, sometimes 60 - minus the arthritis and grandchildren.  Is age really a legitimate personality trait? I don't believe so, so honestly, if the fact that I'm 18 bothers you (as it does some people), move on to the next entry because I'm not changing (I don't think I physically can)

I'm an introverted people person.  haha, I know ;)

So anyways, add me?


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