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I'm Sara

I'm 22

From New Jersey

I like internet jokes, e.g. my icon and pictures with the phrase "JUST LOOK AT THAT GQ MOTHERFUCKER."

I swear a LOT.

I'm kind of a wreck; I think too much about things and that ends up making me depressed and stressed and I'm lazy and most of my posts are complaints about ~life. But sometimes I'm giddy and fun-loving and life is grand. Sometimes I just post macros that describe how I feel. I pretty much hate my job and am looking for a new one, but the market is crap, and also I'm kind of epically screwed when it comes to dating these days because ~hanging out~ and being showered with datey compliments/things just annoys me. I'm mega low maintenance in that respect, yo.

I dunno. I try to comment, but sometimes it ends up being rather faily, but I do read everything.

Oh, and I guess something else to know about me is that while I'm in my 20's, I'm doing that thing where I need to ~visually express myself~ or some shit, meaning that I keep cutting and dying my hair and I'm psyching myself up for a lip piercing.

But anyway, I met my bffl on the internet and there have been a few cool people that have come and gone through my life via the web, so hey. Let's be friends.

I don't have any recent pictures so just use your imagination.

Also I wasn't very organized while typing this and I can't be assed to go back and fix it so THINGS I LIKE include PATD, FOB, and Zachary Quinto. I like a lot of other things, obviously, but these are the only ones I talk about atm.

Just leave me a comment if you're going to add me, kthnxbai

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