Jessica (wabbie) wrote in add_me,

Hi guys!

Who I am:
1) A math nerd. I used to go to Caltech before they kicked me out twice for being crazy.
2) A girl who likes computers. But I hardly write about them because when I'm compiling stuff on Linux I'm not writing in my journal.
3) Outgoing and talkative. I used to be a social outcast, so most of the time I use it to cheer up other social outcasts. On LJ I use it to comment a lot on your journal.
4) Lawful good. I only played DnD three times, but lawful good is my religion. Basically this means I like to help people and spend my free time comforting suicidal people on the internet. As of now I am only a level 2 comforter, but I hope I will improve with practice.
5) A sociology person. Once upon a time I tried to make a social map of Caltech, but then I had to leave. Now I just analyze the people I come into contact with. And fit them to curves.
6) One of the most unashamed, confident people you'll ever meet.
7) Someone who doesn't have secrets.
8) Someone who likes everyone - especially herself.
9) Someone who knows good math jokes. Ask me if you want to hear some :D

What my journal is about:
1) My efforts to understand people and myself.
2) My struggles as a mental patient, and my quest to get back into college.

Add me if you like me already. Or if you're already like me. :D

By the way, I'm 18, and here's a picture of me:
(warning: it's big)

Have a nice day! :)

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