Five Star Bitch (stilista) wrote in add_me,
Five Star Bitch

Call me Ishmael.

I'm Lauren, 20 years old, living in Maryland in the good ol' USA. I am engaged and I have a beautiful little boy named Daniel. I am not your run of the mill mother or bride to be, so don't get it twisted. I'm not boring. I've been on Live Journal since 2004 and I write almost every day.

I am little rebellious. I like leather jackets, studs and high fashion. I'm addicted to tumblr. I was a pre-nursing major but saw the light and returned to English. I want to write for a fashion/beauty magazine some day. As far as my attitude goes, I have a lot of it. I'm "sassy" - a classic Italian-American. I talk with my hands and eat really delicious fattening foods on the regular.

I need friends who update and comment regularly.
I don't discriminate based on age.
I have no problem telling it like it is.
I update regularly with photos/picture spam. If you hate that, move on back.

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