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Hey hey :]

I'm Andee. I sing... all the time... and not well, i always find Waldo. i'm prone to injury. I was in the Navy for 7 months but got medically discharged after i got hurt. My first concert ever was Alice Cooper one Halloween. i love Orange Julius, mini golfing, playgrounds, and peanut M&Ms. I've been addicted to House since the pilot episode in 'o5. i have a fascination about serial killers... like how they think, things like that. I love city skylines. I'm very mature, when i need to be. Softball is my life. My little sister is my favorite person ever. I'm going to have a baby soon, it's a boy & he's due the day after Thanksgiving. I listen to all kinds of music. All kinds. Road trips<3 I love bright/neon colors, and green is my absolute fave. My family is scattered all over the country, and i LOVE to travel. i'm VERY Polish. trampolines and i don't usually get along. i love Sleeping Beauty, Horton, and Buzz Lightyear. Snow white is a hobag. Rise Against = ♥ I absolutely love meeting new people.

I don't like cauliflower, stubbing my toe, or Gretchen Wilson. i don't like when people start to tell me something & they say "oh, nevermind..." because now i HAVE to know. Ketchup is disgusting. I don't like repeating myself. the sound of forks scraping teeth will make me cringe. I don't like when people see my anchor tattoo and assume that i got it as a fad. Unfrosted animal crackers are not as fun as the frosted kind. I hate Nascar, overly-oppinionated people, snakes, and when it looks warm outside but it tricks you & is actually really cold.

& that's pretty much it.

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