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New Friends - Pseudo-Sorry for Cross-posting

Salvete Omnes,

I'm Alex, a female twenty-three year-old homebody. I graduated from college over a year ago and am working on finding a job, or a career, whichever comes first. In short, I'm a nerdy geek who likes video games, books, sci-fi, writing, and ancient history.

I've had my journal for a while now but decided to start over, turned all my previous entries private, and went from there. I try to keep things updated, post at least once a week, and I have been known to post more than one entry a day (or at least I wanted to). I also like to comment on other people's journals, even if I don't really have anything intelligent to say. Sometimes I feel slightly stalkerish.

Because this intro is long, I'll cut it for those who have no interest in getting to know me. Others, read on.

What I'm About

I'm a lesbian and have lived a rather homophobic-free life so far. I hope to keep it this way and if you have any problems with this, I propose that we do not become friends. I don't feel like I parade it about but, at times, I will talk about other women and homosexuality in general. I'm not currently dating anyone if for some reason you care about my relationship status (many people do).

I consider myself to be a crossbreed between a geek and a nerd. I love books, learning, and libraries which is somehow counterbalanced by my love of computers, video games, and sci-fi.

I don't watch that much television but, when I do, it's usually sci-fi in nature. I love Star Trek (not the reboot however) and do talk on occasion about the shows. I'm also a big fan of Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, and other unrelated shows like Rome, Bad Girls, Law and Order, and even Hell's Kitchen. I do like to do a little bit of fandom talk when the mood strikes me.

I play a lot of video games. My tastes range from FPSs to RPGs to strategy games and will talk about them more often than not. I try to keep up-to-date on the industry news and subscribe to a bunch of feeds. My main gaming platform is my PC, which I built myself, and I also own a PSP, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, N64, Nintendo DS, and a Gameboy Advance. The only thing I don't do is online games in any fashion, especially WoW.

I do write fanfiction on occasion and post it to my journal for easy management. It is exclusively femslash (but I read all types). This usually happens once a week. It is there for people to either read or ignore and what you do is completely up to you. Just don't be annoying and get mad at finding it on your friends page. It's just what I do.

I have a passion for history, especially ancient history and military history. One of my majors in college was classical civilization (ancient Greece and Rome) and it is my passion. I have thought frequently of pursuing a masters in classical history and it may very well be in my future. My two idols come from this time period: Marcus Tullius Cicero and Gaius Julius Caesar. I do talk about this subject and if you ever meet me in person I'm sure I could talk your ear off with ancient Rome alone. As I say to everyone: you have been warned.

My other major in college was psychology and I am appropriately interested in it. I like understanding why people do the things they do and find the emotion of love to be extremely fascinating.

As you can see from this post alone, I talk a lot. My posts and writings are a direct link from my brain to my finger tips, with barely anything censored. Seeing as I don't talk much in real life (I'm introverted and very much a wallflower) this is the only conduit I have for my thoughts and feelings.

What I don't do

I don't judge or try my very best not to (it's hard sometimes if I am truly honest).

I don't care that much about music (with one exception). I keep my musical inclinations private, feeling that it's a rather intimate matter. If you have a real desire to know what I listen to, which may or may not be indicative of who I am, you can check me out on I don't mind reading about music, or listening to new stuff, but don't expect me to talk with you about it.

I don't party, use drugs, or drink coffee. I rarely drink alcohol because I hate the lack of control I feel. I don't really care if others do it although reading about it day-in and day-out could become tedious after a while.

I also try to keep the so-called “drama” out of my posts. However, if there is a time when I need to vent, I will do so without any qualms. This is journal, remember? I will try and keep the real depressive things in my private, written journal I keep by my bed. I think it's just easier that way.

And in Conclusion
I'm here looking for new friends that I can connect with on some level. If any of the above sounds interesting to you feel free to friend me or just stalk my journal. I have very few flocked posts (I keep my online life separate from my real life on purpose) and my journal is free for the viewing. I'm a friendly person and very considerate. I look forward to getting to know some of you and the many adventures we will have.

Hears to new friends!

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