s-bot (seuhhrah) wrote in add_me,

let me introduce to you - sarah or sj, as some people call her
she's witty and sarcastic, and all kinds of crazy in one package
she tends to be lazy at times, and just disappear without a reason - or at times, a really lame one
but she makes up for it, with the random rants that she usually throws around.

photography, fencing, writing, snoozing and photo-editing is her anti-depression
and mushrooms, peanuts, also seafoods - are in her no touchytouchy categories
(maybe coz she hates them... or because she's just allergic to them)

she feels as if she's all alone at times - when all the people around her has friends
some people might not know, but she's been taking therapy sessions lately - people say its the depression and anxiety getting to her
others may think she's a freak for saying that someone who has such an easy life as her - suffers from depression
but she says, who knows - right?

now she's looking for someone to hold on and hang onto when she's in her times of need
she's pretty open-minded about people - as long they play nice

so say yes?
comment here to check her out and befriend her, she doesn't bite anymore :)

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