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add me? \(^.^)

Hello! =^w^=

About me
★ I'll turn 24 next week ★ My star sign is leo
★ I study japanese and history at the university of Vienna
★ I live in Austria (This little thing under Germany XD)
★ My nativ language is german ★ I'm a vegetarian

I love
❤ books ❤ coffeeshops ❤ i pods
❤ cats ❤ j-pop ❤shopping
❤ youtube ❤ j-dramas ❤ yamapi
❤ elvis ❤ poupèe girl ❤shoes
❤ teddys ❤ cute things

Add me?
If you think we match, just drop me a line here,
or at my journal. I'll reply asap.

♫♪ Thanks for reading! ♫♪

~ Ai ~

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