Stacy Parker aka Mercae Killar (mercae_killar) wrote in add_me,
Stacy Parker aka Mercae Killar

Hi *waves*

NAME; Stacy

ACTIVITIES; drawing, taking care of my kids, playing the sims 3 (or 2) listening to music, playing al kinds of video games.

MUSIC; A lot of pop and rock. Will listen to most anything.
BOOKS; Books that I can think of right now, Harry potter series, a lot of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Read Anne Rice a long time ago, read just about all her vampire books. I love reading fan-fiction as well, and I am a big time x-men fan.

"Don't care what people say, just follow your own way." -Enigma, the return to innocence.

I am a stay at home mom/freelance artist/media arts student who is also trying to lose over 200 pounds. I am in a polyamorous relationship with two wonderful guys. I have a total of 4 children whose ages are 7,6, 2 and just about 1.

I have been selling my art online for over 6 years. You may see my artwork at my personal webpage

I do draw what some people consider "furry" but I am still unsure just how much of the "fandom" I am into.
One thing that may make me more of a furry is I really like the teenage mutant ninja turtles, I grew up with them, they are a long time fave.

I am pretty all over the place in my interests.
One thing that can be said for me is I am open minded and try very hard not to be judgmental.

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