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Hello! :D

name: Sawney
age: 26
gender: girl


x. Fandom stuff (Lost, Harry Potter, Hollyoaks, True Blood, Miyazaki movies, Disney, Make it or Break it, various manga, getting excited about V, etc...)
x. Nature and the natural world/ecology/environment/recycling/being outdoors
x. Writing, both original and fanfic. I don't share much of my original writing but wouldn't mind starting to. I participated in NaNoWriMo the last three years.
x. Ballet, gymnastics and beautiful sports
x. Magic, paganism, witchcraft and eastern traditions but also religion in general. I like friends of any religion, like to talk about things like that.
x. Current events and social issues. Do you read the newspaper?
x. Feminism (roar!) and women's issues
x. Debate and general discussion topics.
x. Animals
x. 80's and 90's music, some current music as well. Rock, goth, classical and world music styles mainly. Anything from Marilyn Manson to Tchaikovsky.
x. Photography and pretties
x. Collecting stuff (postcards, dries flowers, lunch boxes, plush, Japanese random stuff)
x. Languages (French, Mandarin, Russian and Romanian)
x. the UK in general, London in particular
x. Travelling by train, plane, boat or automobile
x. Passion, fire and spark
x. Reading books, swapping books, book reviews of all kinds. Love non-fiction and the classics mainly
x. British comedy and Channel 4, documentaries
x. Most movies but especially foreign (non-US) and the genre of drama.
x. Ghost stories, spooky movies and hauntings, but not violent or gory horror (I liked "The Orphan", "Blair Witch" and "American Haunting", for instance)
x. Clean-freak, sucker for organization
x. Nice people! Kindness, thoughtfulness, real friendship
x. Old fashioned things, museums, consignment shops, thrift stores, yard sales as well as antiquities and ancient history
x. Lots of other stuff too!


x. People with nothing to say!
x. Cruelty, deliberate meanness, malintentions, hurting others, violence, gore as well as any harm towards animals or the environment
x. Racism, misogyny, homophobia and so on, pretty much same as above just more clarified
x. Too much drama or complaining

I would love to meet people who...

- write fiction, non-fiction, journals, poems, haikus, epics, plays, scripts...
- take pictures, do art or have hobbies
- like to discuss issues or particular topics (politics, current events, hot topics, whatever)
- have a passion for something even if it's something unfamiliar to me; I like learning about new things
- are open minded and not judgmental towards others
- want to share something about their lives with others
- are silly or serious (I'm both)
- are looking for friends, not dates or sex (I'm not taken, I just don't date, and I'm chaste)

add me!

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