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I'm looking for more journals to read since my list is rather slow at the moment. I take an interest in reading about the introspections of humans, those who embrace their imperfections...or acknowledge those aspects do exist. I enjoy reading musings, ponderings, expressions of emotions, thoughts, experiences and of the relationships one may have with others. Substance.

I am on a quest to find my own truth. I highly believe in one having a relationship with oneself to become the person they want to be. I highly believe in Love, Choice and Karma. I'm agnostic with a strong sense with the Spiritual. I enjoy Astrology. I do not do drugs or drink alcohol. I'm not discriminatory or judgmental. I speak of my relationship with my partner a lot; we are in a long distance relationship. Clearly, if you have an issue with anything mention, you can go ahead with yourself. I like Philosophy, Sociology, and most of the other -ologies. I have a passion for art.

I do not wish to read depressive content about suicidal issues and the like. I am far too nurturing, radical and critical to read this type of material because seeing someone hurt makes me depressed. So yes, I do not mind reading it (it actually interests me a lot) but self-persecution upsets/saddens me to a degree and I want healthy friendships. I want people with a sense of self, who have self-confidence and self-respect. (Having "disorders" have nothing to do with you not having these views.) I want those who dream despite the odds. Even if you want to obtain these "visions" is a lovely step.

I dislike numbers on my list. I enjoy speaking with people on messengers and email. Through LJ I have found some wonderful people and I'm hoping I can find others that establish this type of relationship with me. Add me first. If you want to try me out, have it. Choice.

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