Chris (mo) & Tabby (ut) (ldr_utmo) wrote in add_me,
Chris (mo) & Tabby (ut)

[taken from our profile]

We're Chris and Tabby. We wanted to start a shared journal on here,
since we are in a long distance relationship. We're probably be posting
a lot of our relationship on here - stuff we send each other, our ups
and downs, loves and hates, good times, bad times, etc. We are in an LDR,
plus there is an age difference, which can be a bit harder.

Chris lives in Moberly, MO, works construction, and doesn't really know
what he wants to do in the future. The only thing he knows is that he will
be moving to SLC as soon as he is able, and hopefully we can live together.

Tabitha lives in Salt Lake City, UT, works in an office, and is originally
from Missouri, just a few hours away from him. She is happy where she is,
and the only thing that could make it better if Chris was here.

Our Personal Journals
Chris - [info]isnipehard
Tabby - [info]tabby_renee

Add us if you'd like!

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