Lucien (kujikenaikara) wrote in add_me,

I am a writer, but I can't sum myself up in a single paragraph. Believe me, I've tried several times and something always gets lost in translation.

Quick grabs though, I'm 22, based in NYC, gamer/writer/journalist at large, back on LJ after a long hiatus (4 years!).. College student though taking a break, currently wandering in search of something, anything new. Musically inclined though eclectic in taste, with a spontaneous sense of humor as the crux of my personality.

(Kinda smart too? I don't know. I'm too humble to gauge it. =P)

All of my posts from 2005 and before are from when I was in high school, I keep reading it and thinking about how nuts that is. All of my posts after the 11th are Friends Only. Why? We're preserving the integrity of my High School posts for random passerby and prospective friends/stalkers not added.

However, back to me, if you'd like a (very) good friend (I'm accomodating like you wouldn't believe and rule no one out) who posts regularly with the details of his oft-average life (tailored for a studio audience!) then by all means, add me.

There's a picture of me on my journal, but that userpic isn't too far off from the truth.


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