Mistrali (mistrali1) wrote in add_me,

Hello – my name’s Mistrali (I won’t disclose my real name on the Internet) and I’m female and seventeen, from Sydney. I’m Indian - but I don’t post about India a lot – an atheist, a procrastinator, and very disorganised. I’ve been on LJ for a year now.

I like reading, writing poetry (and I hope to try my hand at short stories sometime), Simon and Garfunkel, Taylor Swift, ancient history (esp. Fall of the Roman Republic), and the old (classic!) 90s Disney movies. And run-on sentences. :D

I’ve also been learning German for 4 years now, if anyone’s interested – however, I don’t post in German because of the non-German-speaking people in my flist.

I’m very open-minded – however, I would prefer not to read about alcohol or drugs (simply because of my personal distaste for them).

Also, if you post exclusively about your HAWWT sparkly boyfriend, or about the Black Pit of Despair™ you’re wallowing in, then sorry. I accept that LJ is a place to vent, and I know a lot of people are struggling with depression. By all means post a vent/rant whenever you’re feeling down – but a journal full of depressing ramblings is not my cup of tea.


Um…I post anything to my journal, basically – rambles, videos, updates, weird alternative ficlets…whatever. Every so often I’ll post history-related rants.


I will comment if I have something to say, not just for the sake of it; that said, I don’t mind if you don’t comment on my LJ, as long as you update relatively frequently.

I don’t update about RL very often, unless there’s something huge going on, but I’ll post a thought or an event or something every so often.


Um, also, I would prefer to friend people who’ve had their LJ for a while (i.e. who are not just starting up) but if you do have a new LJ and you want to add me, go ahead. :)


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