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My name is Ash, I'm 24, live in S. Carolina.
I work 80 hours a week, have as much sex as possible, and love random road trips.
I write at least once a day, sometimes more. I use bad language often, explain sexual encounters in detail, sometimes post inappropriate pictures, might have a slight drinking problem.... and will probably offend most people at some point.
I'm an atheist, a vegetarian, pro-life, a big supporter of gay rights, and identify as politically conservative. Go figure.
I dabble in random things, often make pointless entires about my incredibly dysfunctional family, have really bad ADD, and I rarely sleep.
I don't watch much TV, but enjoy buying the box sets later on because I have no patience what so ever. My favorites: Bones, Nip/Tuck, Jerico, The West Wing.
I listen/love/appreciate every type of music. I just don't listen to country, its depressing. Ani difranco owns my soul. Right now I'm really into 90's alternative, Indie, Electronica, and rap.
I'm looking for some new friends because most of my current friends no longer update their journals.
I read my friends page about 10 times a day because I get online via my blackberry, and I get bored often. I also get comment notifications immediately on my phone, so I'll probably reply in a few minutes. There are no rules with friending me though..... Comment if you see something you have a comment about, otherwise, just read or don't, its not an issue!
Add me and comment my friends only entry, I'll add you back.

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