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Hi! =] My name is Miranda and I'm twenty years old. I'm from North Carolina originally, but now currently living in South Carolina. I love to bake & cook & I also love photography. I'm married to the love of my life. We've been together almost 4 years & almost married for 2 years. My journal is just basically my journey through life, what happens in it & how I cope with things that happen lol. It does happen to contain some family drama from time to time; but who's probably doesn't?

I'm looking for new friends that are wanting to get to know each other, not just add each other for the 'number' of friends you have. I want friends that I have things in common with, that understand that I don't want any un-necessary drama, that want to have fun & make new friends. If you don't update constantly, that's fine; I don't update constantly either. I want friends that are funny, some that post photos and are good people =]

If you're interested comment me here or on my friends only page. :]

Interests: cooking & baking & photography & art & playing video games & making graphics & making new friends & talking online & texting & shopping & traveling & singing & dancing & couponing.

Some music faves: linkin park & incubus & CKY & limp bizkit & metallica & franz ferdinand & taylor swift. My favorites really just vary depending on my mood :]

add away :]

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