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Hello friends

Hello, My name is Thea & I am 21 years.
Greenwood, IN.
I start attending Empire beauty school in September.
My fiance [of 6 years] & I are currently living with my parents until we can afford our own place.
We travel back & forth from Indiana to Montana yearly to visit families.
It's hard for us to stay in one place for TOO long. =] We love the road.

I'd like friends whom I may share my many interests with. Duh.
I like reading & commenting journals. I do this often. [This is a new LJ, but I have been here since I was 14.]
I'm getting better at writing in my LJ everyday.. sometimes more than once. =P
Check out my profile.
Swing by & let's be friends. Comment on my Friend's Only page.
Good day sir.

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