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My name is Linda. I'm looking for christian friends. Age or home country doesn't matter. I myself moved from Sweden to US in the age of 14. I'm now 23.

I am very deeply in faith and hope that you are too. I'm extreme right wing conservative and proud of it.
I'm interested in celebrities and entertainment world, fashion, politics and pop music.
I'm very easy going and fun but I also have very high morals. I do not drink or do drugs and I wear a promise ring =)...

I hope to make friends with people who share the same mindset.
I try to avoid interaction with people who have abandoned God's way such as very liberal people, anti-life ppl, homosexuals, etc.
HOWEVER if someone is interested in leaving that kind of life behind, I would like to offer support and help =). Nothing out there that a good friend can't help u with!

So, add me!!

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