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Having new friends is love. So, hey why not?

I'm a tv lover through and through. I can spend my entire day at home watching and rewatching all my favourite shows and never get sick of it. Most of the shows I watch are either comedies, sci-fi, british or supernaturally related. Joss Whedon shows are my crack, the same with Bryan Fuller shows. I love strong female characters, bad-ass male characters, and interesting and epic pairings. Pair those up with interesting dialogue and a good plot and I'm totally there. I do tend to attract shows that get cancelled way too early, unfortunately.

RDJ and NPH (I have a thing for guys with three initials, I guess) is kind of an obsession for me. Mention them or talk about them and I will squee like an idiot. I'm not much of a movie watcher but I love Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright written movies like a fat kid loves cake. I hate movies that lacks a plot and only has one-dimensional main characters, so movies that prefer giving us big explosions instead of good character development is something I would never enjoy. Occassionaly, I do watch quite a few summer movies because there are some that stand out compared to the rest.

Music-wise I'm pretty flexible with genres. I like country (well, ocassionally), I (sometimes) like pop, I like rock and I have a few rap songs in my Ipod as well. The only songs I tend to not listen to is hip-hop and metal. Give me a singer with a pretty decent voice who writes their own songs and play their own instruments and I'd probably love them. I listen to songs that I can relate to and dance to. 

For more of my interests (tv, movies, music and books) check out my Friends Only post. If you'd like to add me feel free to leave a comment there.


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