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Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

Cindas, turning 25 this weekend (mahhh), living in the south east of England.

It's been a dream for a while to be a stuntgirl; something which seems to be nigh on impossible ^^. I was training for quite some time, then I was on a trampolining and my ankle ligaments and I seemingly decided to go our seperate ways. Right now I'm looking into specialising in horse-stunts so I'll see how that goes.

I work in brain injury rehab. It's shift work, which has its good and bad points; the good being I get a lot of very useable time off, the bad being that I am sometimes there for up to 31 hours O.o

I also do the odd bit of background work for film & TV. In Dorian Gray. My character was Hooker: extreme ^^. I spent a few days larking around on set, meeting some awesome people and, at one point, flying smack-bang into Colin Firth. While they were filming. FAIL.

-- Dumb, random musings that make me laugh. For example...

-- My friends. I have awesome friends. I don't get to see them as often as I'd like a lot of the time (another down side to shift work can be unsociable hours, some of the time) so when I see them it tends to get written about in some way.

-- The GYM. Gah, I never thought I'd say that. At the end of February it hit me that sitting on the sofa eating Jaffa Cakes was not the best plan. I used to write about it a lot more than I do now, but it does crop up sometimes.

-- The bloke. I've been with him for - *thinks* - 14 months, now. Again, because of work it can be a bit of a juggling act but it's -so- worth it.

-- Pictures. Moreso lately, as I've been a bit more snap happy. Since joining the gym I've become a lot more confident to actually have my photo taken and show them off a bit more.

-- I guess just everyday life stuff, as silly as it sounds. Things that make me smile; things that wind me up; to say I fell off my chair/walked into a door/tripped over my own feet; things that mean a lot to me; things I want to vent about, you get the idea.

At the end of the day it's my journal, I'll write what I like and I won't be offended if you don't want to stick around.

To be honest I'm not as active on here as I used to be. Life seemed to go through an insanely busy stage for a bit, but I'm hoping it's calming right down now. That said, I do always read my flist, even if I don't get the chance to comment. Though I won't comment just for the sake of commenting, so if you're wanting feedback on every entry it's not going to happen.

I have quite a dry, sarcastic sense of humour; I can squee with the best of them; If I had my way I'd never wear shoes; I can be amazingly inappropriate; I still love snail mail; I pretty much loathe clothes shopping; I really appreciate me-time; I'm capable of drinking ridiculous amounts of vodka.

I'm not here for numbers. I'd rather have a list of five friends that I interact with and get to know, than a list of a hundred that I don't know anything about. I'm looking for people aged 18+ that I can relate to, though we don't have to have tons in common.

Other stuff:

TV: Supernatural, Family Guy, Lost, QI, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Top Gear, Scrubs, Blackadder.

Films: American Beauty, 10 Things I Hate About You, Shaun of the Dead, Billy Elliot, Love Actually, Terminator 2, The Breakfast Club.

Music: Queen, The Killers, Guns n' Roses, Green Day, Jamiroquai, Kings of Leon, Rufus Wainwright, Pink, Muse.

And because I know most people like to see who they're talking to --

So that's me in a nutshell. If you're interested in getting to know me then please comment here or on my Friends Only post XD.


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