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Hi there, call me whatever you want.  I'm a 19-year-old girl, commuter-college-student, recovering from a year of illness, wanting a new job.

In my journal I post whatever thoughts are floating through my mind.  I love life, but I don't live fast like others.  I'm happiest reading my books.  And I love the peace of a quiet atmosphere where I can be alone to write in my notebook. 

I'm very open-minded and I'll add anybody, but I'm looking for friends who make interesting, thoughtful, intelligent posts and comment every now and then.  My friends-list has become a clutter of empty-minded words that I find dull.

If you want to be friends, add me first and leave a comment at my journal.  If you comment here, I won't see it.  And I won't add people back who don't comment.  Sorry.

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