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hi! you may have seen this before, but me & my RTA are looking for more members again. :)

are you online a lot of the time? are you talkative? do you like talking about lifestyles, day-to-day things, personalities, people, online? are you email-savvy? are you creative? are you a people person? do you penpal, email-penpal, take part in forums or lj communities?

if yes then you're what we want :) go under the cut for more information because i don't want everyone to think this is spam! this is NOT an advertisement!

during the summer strive was so active that it was easy to receive up to 80 emails a day. because we didn't have school, jobs, and if we did, we still had LOADS of time. the summer is when strive is in the peak of its activeness, but now autumn is coming and summer is ending, we're starting school again, those who aren't are discouraged from being as active due to the lack of mail. this always happens, and due to this during the summer we usually sweep the list - we remove 2 or 3 people who are too busy to be involved during the autumn/winter, who come back again late spring... and replace them with people who will still have enough time (online every day, if not every other day for hours.)

Strive is... :
- a small, knit community of members from all around, sharing our lives together
- R-ingTA (replying-to-all) about our interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc...
- a very close and personal group, where we're all friendly, and share random things

- when someone new is added into the RTA, a big welcome email is sent out that covers anything you can possibly know and gives you an FAQ. then, everyone sends out an introduction of themselves which are huge emails wtith photos and facts about themselves, introducing themselves to everyone - like you would in an LJ community or penpal letter. then you send yours!

'activities' get sent out; things that should help us get talking & getting to know one another; questions, art, discussions, random questions, pictures, surveys, to do lists, etc. we also have a schedule called the 'daily activities'. these are fun and if you don't get yours sent, that's fine. you can see the schedule here.

it will be good if everyone takes part in these activities, and even better sends their own.

'diary entries' are written for each other & sort of use the email group as somewhere to talk about our lives and whats happening. therefore, everyone who is considering to join must have a general interest in lifestyle - we may all not have the most exciting lifestyles, but to others who have the littliest bit of interest in this topic will want to hear, and comment, on your life & what you have to say. don't worry, you can just chat, like you would in a personal journal or, again, penpal letter.

If you are interested in making a group of friends who might grow close, show enthausiasm into other peoples lives, like getting to know people and socializing... email me at little.linguistic.tree@gmail.com and tell me you're interested in joining strive. don't be shy!

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