YOU KILLED MY FATHER PREPARE TO DIE (evenfloww) wrote in add_me,

super special info! :D

So just some basic information because no one wants to read a giant manifesto of who I am, as much as I'd enjoy writing that... XD

Hi guys, my name is Kaylee. I'm newly 16, which means I'm starting highschool in a week. I'm Canadian and glad, mostly because I love Tim Hortons. And the word 'tuque'.

Things I like... Anime, Manga, cartoons, FPS/RP Games, drawing, writing, and DIY projects. I'm actually quite big on that last one, a lot of things I own I made myself or modified. I also knit things.

I loooove music and I never leave the house without something to listen to. I like pretty much all genres excluding rap and country, although a lot of my stuff seems to be techno, ska/ska punk, metal, J-Rock, dub rock, and punk rock.

Things I DON'T like would be those who can't take a joke (I do joke around a lot but I'd never be outright mean to someone, I'm a huge pushover), harsh criticism, and people who'd only add me to increase their number of friends. That being said, if you do decide for some reason to add me, it'd be kinda cool to know why. I have a lot more information on my profile page if this isn't enough, so, add away. ^^; You can comment here or on my FO page (the latter preferably).

Nice to meet you all.

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