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My name is Nicola. I'm 21 years old and I live in England. I am currently just about to enter my third year of university where I study English combined with Early Childhood Studies, and after that who knows? When I'm not in university I am very into sports - I've been a trampolining coach for five years now, and I play squash and go horse riding whenever I can actually afford it, aka never.

I really love watching movies, to the extent that I now have a DVD subscription that means I get 16 DVDs a month. I have no idea where I find the time to watch all of these. I also love playing the Sims and am borderline obsessed with the Sims 3 at the moment, although I still don't think I'll be bothering with the first expansion pack... I love brightly coloured rainbow things, an unnatural interest in the Disney Channel stars, and talking. Non stop. Forever.

Why should you add me? You should add me because I like to get to know the people on my friends list. I hate having people on there who I never actually talk to, so I will make an effort to comment on your entries and get to know you. I've had an LJ for five years and before that I had a DJ for another three, so there's no chance of me randomly dying on you any time soon!

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