geek seeking her nerd (easytigergrrr) wrote in add_me,
geek seeking her nerd

The names Hillary.
I'm 19 years old, 20 on the 17th so lets just go with 20!
I'm kind of goofy, a little random, but very sweet! ;)
I'm a vivacious red head with super wicked awesome Baby Phat eyeglasses! lol

I go to my local community college, currently
General Studies. Basically I have no idea what I want to do with my life!
Really I'm just trying to relax and appreciate what I have now.
Life and I are like old friends who lost touch for a while but now we're back kick'n ass and taking names! You know like I totally moved Life back to number one on my myspace! XD
That was a stupid joke I know, humor me. I did say I was goofy!

I'm not new to lj but I always love new friends!
I'd love to have more people to comment on!
I fan girl like the wind about EVERYTHING!
Honestly it doesn't take very much to amuse me!

Just some things I like Supernatural, Psych, Numb3rs, NCIS, Reaper, More To Love, Transformers, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Smallvile, Charmed, SNL, Andy Samberg, Harry Potter, (God I'm sorry for this!)Someitmes Twilight, Anything Disney Channel(No I will not act my age!), Cobra Starship, JET, Boys Like Girls, etc.

Read my profile if you'd like to read more. Add me then comment my friends only post on my journal!

X-posted so sorry if it spams!

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