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I'm Lola and it's time for some new friends.

You can read a short about me in my info, but here goes anyway: adequate grammar and punctuation thrill me. I'm loud and I swear a lot. I'm a Sophomore, you figure out how old I am. Born and raised in Missouri, home of cows and...nothingness. I hold friendship and loyalty above a lot of things. I love adventures and parties; I'm all about having a good time. My friends and I should all probably be dead or in jail at this point from all we've gotten ourselves into. Don't mistake that as me being a criminal, more like a part time delinquent and fun finder. I'm young and crazy. That doesn't mean I'm shallow or stupid. I'm smarter than I look and not awkward when I'm comfortable. I like people that can hold a good conversation about anything and everything. I want to study fashion, photography, the music business and journalism. I want to live in New York eventually. I plan to see the world. My LJ is filled with ramblings and it ranges from silly to dark. Everything affects me in one way or another, and I like that. I've come out of a rough few years but I'm getting myself back on track in a very short amount of time due to nothing but necessity. Music makes me happy like nothing else can. I'm a show junkie, you'll always find me in the pit. Fueled By Ramen bands hold a special and weird place in my heart. And if you know what I'm talking about, you're good by me.

Comment, I'll add you back :)

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