deeda_inscribed (deeda_inscribed) wrote in add_me,

taken from my bio...

I'm not living for anyone but me. 
I smoke like it's my job.
I have a filthy mouth. I love swearing but I do try to respect other people. It doesn't always work.
I pull my eyelashes. 
I want to believe in peace and love.
I've seen it all and been through it all. 
I want to be happy to be alive.
I'm crazy. 
Words like violence.. 
At some point in time, I will probably offend you.
I watch FOX news... But my political views reflect no specific party.. Only what makes sense to me.
I wear my feelings on my sleeve. You can always tell what I am feeling.
Love or money... I pick money.
I am educated. 
Right now, I'm a college student.
I suck at life. Really.
I love people, but I'm afraid of them.
I'm really not that brave....
I am forgiving and giving. People take advantage of it.
I'll be the first to admit all the bad shit I've done.. and I've done a lot of it. 
I love horror movies, haunted houses and thunderstorms. 
I love all music. I could never pick one favorite genre. 
I have best friends that have watched me grow up. I have great friends.
I have two nephews, Brian and Josh. I would die for them. They are love. 
I consider my friend's children my niece and nephew. Courtney and Andrew. I love them. 
I'm open, unafraid, terrified, trendy, unique, loud, quiet, angry, peaceful, sane, crazy, emotional and protected by a wall. 
I used to be a writer.

I am Bi-Polar (2), moody, wasteful, resourceful, trendy, unique, calm, anxious, introverted, outspoken, and irritable. 

My friends and family come first in my life. I have two nephews that keep me alive... they keep me sane. 

I attend college pursuing a degree in Surgical Tech. I am one year in. I love my school, I love learning and I love the people I go to school with. 

I make friends easily, and friends do come and go but I am lucky enough to have amazing friends that put up with my cynics, my moodiness and my humor. 

I try not to spend my time missing old times and people. I truly do believe everything happens for a reason and I believe in karma.

I am 100% against the death penalty. I do not excuse the crime and I believe in punishment.. but the death penalty is against the constitution and against my morals.

I am very funny. I even make myself laugh when I am alone. It is my favorite quality about myself. 

I can be rude, foul and cruel.. sometimes unprovoked. I have spent much time in the psychiatric community as well as the addiction community. I am addicted to opiates and Soma. I wish I weren't. I wish I NEVER picked up that fist pill. I wish I never let myself get to such a place. I have been in psychiatric wards and rehabs numerous times. I know first hand about each. I firmly believe that one day.. Unless I get my addiction under control.. I do believe that it will ultimately kill me. I am not ready to die.. I want to conquer my issues.. I want to be the person that I know exists, somewhere inside of all this.

I am a pothead, hands down. One drug I see nothing wrong with if one can handle it and function on it. I am one of those people. 

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