Strider (strider7901) wrote in add_me,

No, you're right. I'm awesome.

I would really like a colorful mob of people in my LJ. I have had my journal for six years with little hiatus episodes, and it would be awesome to read some more interesting thinkers. I've read some extreme stuff, but I have to say that heavy partiers, drug users, and excessively long winded posts doesn't bring out the best in me. My only real problem is time. I'm in my last year of college, so most of my projects are slowly sucking my life away.

I'd like to say I'm rather open with various subjects. I can get into some crazy mood swings (and damn straight do I ever rant), but I can be a social nerd where it can bring up a lot of oddball experiences.

I'm not only looking for a good daily read, but more to befriend. Gah. You should read my profile and see if we compatibility fit!!

Now. Why does this sound more like an e-harmony commercial...

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