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.Not your average female humanoid.

-Lauren. 21. New Jersey-
I'm very abrasive and politically incorrect, yet i can care harder than anticipated.
My journal is filled with vague ramblings or recounting daily/future events.
I know myself inside and out.
I analyze people as that sort of knowledge satiates me.
I am an open book and will answer anything or explain/elaborate to the best of my ability.

All i ever look for are interesting people who can accept how abrasive or immature i may be at times, while wanting to look into my life and what it may hold.

These things vary and the lists are otherwise very long, but
-Recent Music Likes: Company of Thieves, Metric, The Knife, The Cool Kids, Muse, The Dresden Dolls, Jason Webley, Incubus, Rilo Kiley, Regina Spektor, Eminem, Family Force 5
-Recent Movie Likes: Quarantine, Watchmen, 28 Days/Weeks Later, Memento, PS I Love You, The Fall, Fight Club, Harry Potter, Requiem for a Dream, Howl's Moving Castle, I Love You Man

I have a lot of interests- just ask. I'm spontaneous and up for almost anything. It's just how i work.
Hell, if anything, just ask :p

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