say wut gurl? (unnecessity) wrote in add_me,
say wut gurl?

Hello, my good people.

I'll keep things short and sweet. I'm 17 years old, Canadian, and female.

What I'm looking for is a LJ friend who bothers to update their journal every now and then, and doesn't just add for the sake of having more friends. My friends page is looking a little sparse at the moment, and seeing some new entries in there would be great.

I don't care about the music you like, the fandoms you have, your hobbies etc. etc. If you have the same interests and tastes as me, that's cool. But if not, it's really no big deal. I like being exposed to things that I wouldn't otherwise check out. Trust me on this one.

I'm not expecting you to comment on my entries, seeing how the majority of them tend to be random stupid thoughts that burst into my mind that I feel a need to write down, and some K-Pop/J-Drama/Manga/Music/Fandom/You get the gist stuff.

...Want to be friends? 

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