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I'm 20, female and from Wales (Britain)!
I've had an lj since I was fourteen and have made friends that I've known for 4/5 years now but now I'd like some fresh faces after a bit of an overhaul! :] I'm friends only&post a couple of times a week, mainly about what I've been doing. I'm really nosy&like reading about other people a lot. Recently my entries have been quite long as I've been on some mini-breaks, I worked at a feminist music festival with my girlf, I went with my mum to shop&see Tori Amos in Birmingham&I went to Essex to see fam.

So, what do I do? I'm an English student, I socialise a fair bit&am generally studenty, I do lots of extra curricular activities such as writing in the uni newspaper&doing work experience in various places. I enjoy wandering around the town&the sea&the park. I'm a lady who lunches. I'm in a long term relationship with a girl called Beth.

I love books, politics*, history, comedy, cooking and craft&art! Love people that post about these things, especially the last three. Other Literature kids well appreciated.

*apart from rants that just pop out, I don't blog politically at all.

Here's a picture of me!
I'm the hammerhead shark.

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