Johnny Sixarms (carface) wrote in add_me,
Johnny Sixarms

bathing is for the birds!

i'm pretty sure 90% of you people are bots but i guess it's worth a try. the 800 bazillionth try, to be exact >:U

i'm jo, 21 in october, live in the projects, work at a horse-racing track, take lots of pictures, talk about all the stuff i've bought (i love to buy stuff), dream of winning the lottery and (finally) learning to do a cartwheel. and of course constructing a time machine. my prevalent interests atm include masturbating to audio books read by tim curry and staring for hours at ed hardy artwork. i think it's pretty safe to say that if you're a prude you will not enjoy me. otherwise we should be good. i like to think i'm a lot of fun, but people have disagreed in the past. mostly hippies.

39 days til halloween :D

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