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Loafing oafs in all-night chemists

Lol, repost.

Hello: it's that time again. I changed my name recently and lost the names of a load of people I wanted to keep (I'm dopey like that) so I find myself a bit lacking in the F-list area. I'm used to having loads, as I'm on LJ almost all the time (when I'm not sleeping, stuffing my face or staring pointlessly into space.)

So yes, me. I'm just me. I dye my hair funny colours, I pierce bits of my face, and try to keep away from other human beings as much as possible. Don't expect to see a picture of me here; I post a lot of pictures on my LJ but I think I'm kind enough not to inflict on you one of my face. I usually take photos of things relating to the journal entry its posted with. I'm not very good at it. I mainly post about my day-to-day life, or lack of one. Anything whiny I keep under a cut.

Okay, so I like stuff. Music, mainly. Here's my last.fm. (If we have high compatibility you should deffo add me because you're cool beyond all doubt. )

I like films, also. The Royal Tenenbaums, Little Miss Sunshine, Rushmore, Eagle vs Shark, Amelie, Be Kind Rewind, Brazil, My Neighbor Totoro (and indeed most of the studio ghibli films) selected Disney films, Ghost World, Clerks (the first one) and Withnail & I.

I may have a specific taste in music and films, but I'll read any book, as long as it's not so shit my eyes start to burn! When I was a child I had this voracious appetite for reading - I'd read literally anything, and I've kept that as I've got older. Right now though, I'm leaning towards fantasy - The Dreamhunter Duet are my fave books evarrr. Of course, I like Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, anything by Pratchett,  Inkheart and stuff like that.  I've also got a soft spot of for older novels such as the ones by W. Somerset Maugham, George Orwell, and E.M Forster. I used to like P.G Wodehouse when I was a kid, but I can't seem to read him now. Same goes for James Herriot. :( Obviously I don't like Twilight. I read a bit of the first one in a W.H Smiths and nearly vomited all over the pages. I won't be giving it a second chance.

Ohyes! I forgot I also like video games. Klonoa: Door To Phantomile (PS1 version); Klonoa 2; Final Fantasy IX; Banjo-Kazooie;  Tales Of Eternia; Tales of Phantasia; Tales of Symphonia; Katamari series; Animal Crossing series; Chrono Trigger; Paper Mario;  A Link To The Past; Link's Awakening; Doom;  Super Mario Sunshine; Spyro Series (on the PS1) Bloody Roar 1 & 2; Fable II; Yoshi's Story; Super Mario Bros 3; Kula World; Road Rash; Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg; Nights Into Dreams(Sega Saturn version); Kingdom Hearts; Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga; Jet Set Radio; Zombies Ate My Neighbours; Crash Bandicoot (PS1 Series); Shadow Of The Colossus.

So, yeah. Add me if we share a lot of interests. I'd like the sort of friends who are funny and irreverent; update semi-regularly and don't post about their icky sex lives or their boring drug addiction. ( I'm a prude and I don't wanna know) Comment on my FO entry, I'll be disabling comments on this one. (I swear, the next person to add me without commenting gets banned from my journal. Yes! I have the power. Mwhaha, etc. )

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