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* sami/sunset, nicknames are cool. i'm 18, almost 19. i live in waynesboro, tennessee with my daddy and my stepmom. i've never had a job, but i'm looking hardcore for one now. i'm taking a year off from school so i can have some stability before i start school. oh, and i guess figuring out what i'm actually going to college for could be an option...
* everyone is interested in interests...so here's a few of mine ;
- music. any kind. my faves are rock (and it's millions of sub-categories) and techno/electro/industrial/all that jazz.
- tattoos & piercings. my face was covered with metal at one time, but i guess i got tired of it all..i just have a lipring now. 3 tattoos so far, i want to be covered though.
- hair. makeup. shopping. cute things. i can be girly sometimes.
- world of warcraft. noob. i play on Draenor, my toon's a Night Elf Rogue named Zarahh. yeah that's right, i'm ally don't be hatin'.
- sarcasm, dry humor, and immaturity.
- cute emoticons. like this one xD and this one :D

* and here's a picture to put a face to the name.

i'm on the left. the hottie next to me is my little sister. she's my best friend. xD

leave me a comment on my friends only post, i usually don't check my emails xD

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