ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē (youthbrigade) wrote in add_me,
ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē

I'm julie.
I need some new, interesting people.

My entire life is just a transition.
My userinfo is the best source for information.

My entries vary in size & context. They could be about random thoughts, current issues, venting, daily life, picture posts.
I'm pretty random & don't hold back.

Always restless. It's hard to keep my attention. not that I'm ADHD, but I crave real mental stimulation & around here, there's not too much of that.

But, uh, I'm a lot of things.
I'm just trying to get my head wrapped around it is all.

I'd really like;
- 20+
- No druggies. (No "OMFG GUESS WAT I DRANK 2DAY!", pot users, etc.)
- Have your own mind.
- Sense of humor.
- Write in decent grammar.
- Update on a regular basis. (an entry or two a week is just fine with me, but nothing below that.)
- Intelligent, going somewhere people.

Comment regardless if you added me. I don't care if it's this entry or my friends only. If you do not give me notice, I will not add you.

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