Sugarbunnie (sugarbunnie) wrote in add_me,

Hi there! My name's Tracy
- Sales Associate & Model
- Criminology/Music Student
- 20 years young
- Sagittarius
- Singer, Dancer, Pianist ( somewhat guitar and drums lol)
- in LOVE with the Carebears and the show Arthur =)
- Fear of Driving
- Enjoys Thought Provoking Documentaries, Movies, Books
- Old School Music <3 ( by that I mean really old school 20s-80s stuff) but I also enjoy some mainstream stuff as well...
- Fitness Freak
- Can't get enough of FOOD and SLEEP
- Sewing & the number ;) LOL
- Photography, Fashion Design
- Open-minded, talkative and optimistic
- Animal Activist and Vegetarian (most days due to health reasons)
- I'm always reading something!
- Not very much liked by females - so hoping to make new friends on lj and also looking for a BFF online hehe ^___^
- Everything my dog does makes me smile
- Complex life...
- I CHOOSE to be a happy person, even through my darkest days...
- I tend to write LENGTHY entries about everything that goes on in my life; I don't expect you to be able to read it all but a comment here and there would be nice
- I keep up with friends' entries and comment frequently
Interested in being friends? Comment to this entry and ADD ME =]


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