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glitteringlife in add_me

Hey all... I've done this a few times and made some awesome LJ friends through it, so I figured why not have a few more?


-I'm 25
-I'm from the US, east coaster
-I have my masters degree in Criminal Justice
-I work with foster children as a case manager
-I have a fantastic boyfriend named Jeff
-I live with my sister and our two kittens (Anthony and Oscar)
-I tend to be stressed over: money, my relationship with my sister, my job... which is pretty normal
-I like all kinds of music, I like all kinds of movies and all kinds of people.
-I try to comment on entries, but not if I don't have anything to say. I don't appreciate comments made purely to make a comment so I wouldn't do that to you either.
-I update usually every few days. I get busy and forget and tend to most of my updating at work so if I'm on the road doing home visits, I don't usually get around to post.
-I swear.
-I tend to have a negative attitude, but sometimes...just sometimes, I will pull the positive side out.
My LJ is friends only, so if you add me, please comment here or on my friends only post to be added back.
I may not be the most interesting "add_me" poster but I am a good LJ friend... at least I think... :D


I read your profile and this entry: add?!
Added :D
I'm quite intrigued. Adding. =)
Added back :D
Thanks :D Added!
adding you :D
Added back!
Hi adding, and I feel the same way about commenting, I may not say anything if I feel like I don't have anything worth saying, but I'm definitely still reading it all.
Added back!
add me?
I'm cheerful russian student =) I'm 20 and i want to talk with you and practice my english with it. also i'll write some notes, which may be interesting to you =)

I'll really appreciate for correcting me in my notes! =)
I'd like if we will international friends ;)
In the future I’d like to talk with you in icq, skype or any other messengers, if you’ll agree =)


July 2022



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