pl (peacelies) wrote in add_me,

  Hi everyone. New friends would be awesome! I like all types of people and get along with pretty much everyone.
  • My name is Chryste said Christy if you weren't sure. 
  • I am 20 years old and am excited to turn 21 on May, 12th but I do not wanna grow up yet! 
  • I go to community college and am in my third year. My major is education and I am not sure yet what i wanna do with my life possibly go into Special Education but I am also VERY interested in American Sign Language.
  • I live in Ocean City, NJ it's about 10 minutes from Atlantic City which I am sure most of you have heard of! My town is a very small island which is only about 7 miles long! I love it though :-) I live 5 minutes from the beach and experience each season! 
  • I have a boyfriend of a little over a year! I met him through a dating site which I never planned on doing but it just happened that way and I am VERY happy. We are long distance so it's kind of a struggle sometimes but we make it work.
  • I love to travel to Philadelphia and New York City very frequently. I love the big cities and they just make me feel something that i cannot explain! I know I belong in one of them.
  • Likes include; Gossip Girl, The beach, Tanning, Texting, Peace signs, Hello Kitty, The color pink, Music, Going to concerts, Movies, Drinking socially with good friends, Smoking a blunt once & a while, Art, Photography, Nature, Swimming in the ocean, Mermaids, Jewelry, Coach, Shopping, New experiences, Holiday's, Family & friends, Computers, Big cities, Learning new things, Animals esp. cats, Make up, Seafood, Driving my car etc.
  • I love meeting new people so if you want a new friend please add me even if we don't have things in common! I do not judge anyone and tend to think I can get along with anyone! 

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