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Hai! Welp, I just started my LJ a few days ago and it would be great to make new friends here. I'm mostly looking forward to connecting with people that are not afraid to really write about their thoughts and feelings. My posts can be quite personal, I'm going to try to treat it as a real journal as much as possible. I will not be posting what I had for lunch or that I went out shopping yesterday... well, unless something really interesting happened. =]

I'm female and in my 30s. I work as an application designer, currently residing in Montreal, Canada. I speak/write french as well as english. I'm a very laid back and open-minded person. I do enjoy taking a peak into other people's live/thoughts and I'll definitely comment on interesting posts.

Erm, what else... I enjoy traveling, been to Asia a couple of times, Europe once, vancouver, NY, Las Vegas, California, Cuba, etc... And even tho I am not an amazing cook, I <3333 talking about food and trying out new restaurants! The Food Network FTW!

So if you are interested in befriending me, add me and I'll add you back.


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