booties look like this size (trashic) wrote in add_me,
booties look like this size

hello everyone. this is my new journal, like 3 days new, and i would like some friends. :]

i'm frances, 17, live in NYC.
i like anime/manga (naruto's my current favorite, Revolutionary Girl Utena is my all-time favorite)
i LOVE music. all types. my current favorite songs are 'Sleepyhead' by Passion Pit and 'Something You Forgot' by Lil Wayne.
i'm biracial.
i'm in college.
i think tattoos are the coolest thing in the world. it's like, permanent, portable art, you know?
i drink, don't smoke weed/cigs but i don't mind if anyone else does.
i like clothes, makeup, and boys, but i'm not obsessed with those things and you don't have to like any of them for us to be friends. :]
i love to read.
i like to draw, i'm not /that/ good at it but i hope i can get better. i like to write as well, like poetry.
i want to be an actress. not for the money, but because i think there is a severe lack of people of color on TV and in the movies. (that's kind of a soapbox moment; hope it doesn't scare anyone off)
there are a lot of other causes i'm interested in as well. saving the planet, gay rights, etc. i like having friendly debates, and learning new things from them.
sometimes my posts will be rants, sometimes they will be hilarious anecdotes, sometimes they will be ridiculously boring.
i love life.

if you want to know anything else, just ask. :] thanks for taking the time to read all this.

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