kate. (anarchitect) wrote in add_me,

yeah yeah, song lyric here.

 Yep, so, I'm looking to pad the friends list a little bit.

My name is Katie and I live in the awesome city of Montreal. I wish my French was better so I could show off, but alas, I have a brain block with languages.

I go to university and I live the good life of the poor, starving student. I'm in Liberal Arts, meaning I can show off my Plato-fu, but I won't have a job in five years. I have the best of both worlds, as I grew up in the country and still visit a couple of times a month. I've definitely turned into a city girl, though. Can't live without Starbucks.

My journal mainly consists of my day to day life. It can get weird at times, and other times it's mind numbingly boring, but I guess that happens to everyone. I don't detail every little thing that happened to me, so there's no 500 word entries clogging up your flist. Here is a link to my profile, so you can stalk me and decide whether I am cool enough to grace your flist.

In sum, I can't cook, I'm secretly a slob but particular about my appearance, and I can be extremely facetious. I also have sick taste in music. So, add me?

xposted, stfu.

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