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Hi! I'm Shelly, and I'm looking to make some friends. I love reading and commenting on journal posts and actually getting to know the person behind the journal.

* I'm 25 in Washington state.
* Student, studying to be a medical billing specialist/medical transcriptionist.
* Jobless, and living at home.
* Rather domestic. I enjoy cooking, cleaning, baking, decorating
* I love to read. Right now I'm reading "Miracles" by C.S. Lewis- I have a stack of books nearly three feet long backlogged to read.
* I do read a lot of manga. I watch anime. I update about it- I'm a fan and involved in fandom, but I don't spaz about it each entry.
* I like movies- I just saw Inglorious Basterds and have become enamored with Eli Roth. I enjoyed Zombieland, but I'm a wuss so it gave me nightmares.
* Like most people, I watch tv. I love NCIS, Criminal Minds, Top Chef, Project Runway, Trashy reality tv, Supernatural
* Music is one of my true loves. I'm a metal fan, along with hard rock, some hippity hop, hiding in the deep recesses of my cd collection is the boogyman of music- country cds, I just got into Japanese rock and I'm discovering new artists all the time.
* I have a caffiene addiction.
* I post daily, about my day, thoughts, rambling, rants. I do post memes on occasion. I also post photographs and things that amuse me.

My journal is friends only. 18+ please. I will not add you if you do not comment and let me know you are adding me. Please do not add me if your updates only consist of Twitter feeds.

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