Sarah (sancty) wrote in add_me,

Hi ^O^


I'm Sarah~
I am 18.
I live in Germany (for now - I am from England) with my boyfriend and our chihuahua! ^O^

My interests:
Japan, Cute things, Cities, Fashion,
Gyaru, Cosplay, Travel,
Shopping, Lolita, Animals, Mermaids,
Dolls, Vampires, Luxury..

My LJ is mostly things I think are cute, what I did that day, photos (of my dog, things I bought, holiday stuff)... etc.

I love photography and art.
I love summer and hate winter.

I don't write very personal things often and I don't like writing a lot without pictures.

TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire slayer, Angel, True Blood, Veronica Mars, Supernatural (just recently started watching, I am on season 3 :) )
Anyways! Add me if you have any similar interests and I will add you back~ ^O^

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